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With the AFL National Women's League now in it's seventh year and continually playing to packed venues and television audiences, why wouldn't girls want to get involved! There are so many opportunities - Let Noranda JFC get you started!!

At Noranda JFC we're committed to driving a pathway to success and more importantly enjoyment of our great game!
As part of the East Perth District, Noranda JFC are very excited to offer dedicated girl programs.

Girls Teams - From Year 3 to Year 12

For the past 2022 season, Noranda JFC was involved in the following girl's competitions:

Girls Yr3/4

Girls Yr5/6

Girls Yr7/8

Girls Yr9/10

Girls Yr11/12

No doubt, season 2023 will be the same.


Season usually involves 18 games (note some teams may have some bye rounds).

Girls games are fixtured on Friday nights, under lights.

Modified rules apply.

Training sessions day(s) and times are usually Monday & Wednesday approximately 5.30-7pm. What a great opportunity to play football, with the added fun of playing under lights - join up today!!

For girls Yr12 and older, East Perth District offer great programs for them to continue their football journey, for more information go to

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